The Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians is offering Scholarship Awards children whose parents are members of the society.

The amount of the College Awards varies every year with the minimum of $1,000.00 which is equally divided between the students who meet the scholarship requirements (see below).

In addition to the College awards, the society, in order to emphasize the importance of the study of the Greek language, rewards each year with $100.00 US Savings Bonds all the young students who have successfully completed the Greek Regents Exams given by the State of New York, . If the student resides in New Jersey or in a State without official Regents Exams, the student is eligible to receive the reward if he/she has, for that year, successfully completed 6 years of Elementary Greek Language studies.

The applications' deadline is September 30 each year and the scholarship committee notifies the eligible students soon after.

On a special Student Awards' event and among friends and family members, the society honors its award winning students.

In addition, in recognition to the importance the society holds for the well been of our ancestral home and its schools, it is offering in memory of George P. Livanos, two $250.00 Scholarship Awards, to the two students of the Kardamylian High Schools, with the highest GPA.