The Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians, Inc., has established an Elementary Greek Studies Award Program to provide qualified applicants with an award in recognition of their achievements in their studies of the Greek language. The award is $200 for each eligible applicant. This award is funded by fundraising events sponsored by the society and from donations.

1) An applicant’s parents or guardians must be a member in good standing of the Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians as defined in Article III of the Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians Constitution and By-laws.
2) An applicant must have successfully completed the Greek Regent Exams given by the NY State in the school year of application (see application form).
3) An applicant residing in the state of New Jersey or in a state without official Greek Regent Exams, he/she must have successfully completed six (6) years of elementary Greek studies in an evening or daytime Greek/Parochial school in the year of the application.
The eligibility of all applicants will be determined by the Metropolitan Society of Kardamylians Scholarship Committee. All qualified applicants will receive an award.

The Elementary Greek Studies Awards will not be awarded this year because the Archdiosece cancelled the Regent Exams for 2022.


 for a copy of the application please CLICK HERE